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Skillful Guidance For Medi-Cal Benefits Clients

If you are looking for a method of satisfying the high costs associated with nursing home care, you should consider applying for, and being approved for, Medi-Cal.

One of the benefits of qualifying for Medi-Cal is that it offers relief from nursing care in a certified facility, assuming applicant is eligible. Your application will identify assets, income and prior asset transfers.

And who can help you make sense of this maze of legal details, in ways that bring your family peace of mind? It's Suzanne M. Graves — of the Law Offices of Suzanne M. Graves, Inc., law firm.

With almost 30 years of experience with Medi-Cal matters, Suzanne is also a state-certified specialist for Trusts, Estate Planning and Probate, by The State Bar of California. She has the knowledge and willingness to work directly with you in ways that bring positive results.

Experienced, Full-Service Medi-Cal Benefits Lawyer In Upland, California

Suzanne M. Graves performs functions that assist you with: Medical

  • Preparation for long-term care
  • Small-asset value transfers for quicker qualification
  • "Share of cost" issues
  • Drafting of irrevocable trusts that can keep assets in an estate

Medi-Cal was designed to serve as a supplemental program that manages cost of caring for relatives who are senior citizens. It has proven to be of tremendous help for homeowners when rising nursing home costs, and related expenses, threaten assets. Whatever question you have about the program, Suzanne is glad to address it openly, honestly and thoroughly.

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